The Motorola Razr 2 is coming with a bigger display

Motorola Razr 2 display description

The second-gen Motorola Razr is expected to arrive in September and although Motorola has not yet released any details about the Razr 2 (official name), new information coming our way will reveal the foldable smartphone that will display larger than its predecessor.

According to Display Supply Chain Consultants’ (DSCC) CEO Ross Young, the Razr 2 will best places to buy viagra come with a 6.7″ main display, which is 0.5″ larger than the current Razr. Young claims that the secondary external screen on the Razr 2 will also have a larger diagonal, but doesn’t reveal the exact size. The current Razr comes with a 2.7″ secondary display, and Motorola will be looking to maximize the available area on the cover better this time around.

Motorola Razr Motorola Razr

We are trying to find out the details about the smartphone and to let you know, please stay with us.

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