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A lot of consumers want to know about us and wanted to know the motive behind the launch of this Mobilefactbd.com website. Right now, If you want to know about us? you have any interest in this website then you are on the right page. On this page, you can find out all of the answers to your questions about us. So let’s go.

Who are we?

A question may arise in the minds of many that is who are we? We are now writing the answers to all those questions and trying to remove all the doubts in their minds. The first talk, We are not a shopkeeper or an agency, So it clear we haven’t any shop. Actually, we are a group of people who collect the details of all the mobile phones and publish the posts on this site. Important thing is, we are aware of the prices of all the mobiles, but we have not sold any mobiles so far.

What do we do?

First of all, we would say that we are trying to help people by posting mobile specifications, reviews, and price details. Because Mobilefactbd.com is a mobile specification, price, and review-based website. According to our authentic resources, we analyze the info then we give accurate information to our visitors.

What is the method of our working?

We are always trying to show the official and unofficial prices of new and old mobiles on the website. Because this makes it easier for a customer to choices a mobile under his budget.

We take the official price of each mobile from the official website according to the brand and update it on our website. As a result, we can tell customers the exact price of the product. Our team updates the website knowing the unofficial prices of unofficial phones from the top stores of all those stores.

Knowingly we never misinform our customers. So if you notice any mistakes, you can let us know by commenting or submitting the form on the contact page. 

What is our final goal?

In 2017, we had started this website to help people. By the grace of Allah and our visitor Encouragement, we have been able to come so far today. Every time a lot of people want to know if we do mobile sales/home delivery. no, we haven’t sold any phones yet. But Inshallah, we will also start selling phones online and giving home delivery in the future. But Inshallah, we will be starting selling phones online and giving home delivery in the future.


Mobilefactbd.com helps users to find the best prices/offers for mobile gadgets. Usually, we serving an online database of the latest mobile phones by different useful categories like brands, prices, discounts, and cashback, etc. Also, we provide Important latest news, reviews, tips & tricks are also provided through our blog posts and articles.

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