OnePlus Nord will get a new colorway

OnePlus Nord a new colorway will early in October

Currently the OnePlus Nord is only available in Blue Marble and Grey Onyx, but it looks like OnePlus might want to change that, as according to a source a new color could be available soon. According to a new rumor that has been corroborated by two different leaksters.  Roland Quandt (a reputable leaker) made the claim, saying on Twitter that a ‘Grey Ash’ version of the OnePlus Nord is supposedly landing at the beginning of October. In reply to to the Tweet, @MaxJmb (another leaker with a good track record) said “Yep”.

The new hue will be called Gray Ash, and it’s unclear how it will be different from the Gray Onyx variation that’s already on sale.The Gray Ash OnePlus Nord is supposedly going to be released in early October. The company used to launch a new color for its phones a while back, to amp up some more excitement after they had been available for a while, and it looks like it’s going to use the same strategy again.

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