Google is going to release Android 11 on September 11th.

Details about the new Android!

Android 10 is the updated version of the Google smartphone operating system. Although this update of Android has not reached some smartphones yet, Google is going to bring a new version. The development of this new Android is underway and the new Android 11 is now being developed mainly subject to testing. However, Google has released a timeline for its release. According to Google, the new version of Android is coming in August this year.

What are the new features of Android 11? But now there is no end to the curiosity among Android lovers. Today’s discussion is about the beginning and end of Android 11.

Chat bubble and notification shade conversation.

Though there have been speculations about the chat bubble since Android 10, it was not given in the end. However, Google has given this feature in the new Android Developer Preview keeping in mind the expectations of its users. The new feature will allow users to easily communicate with any messaging application from now on.

It’s a lot like our usual Facebook messaging. In the case of Messenger, we can easily communicate faster using chat-heads, just as in any messaging app, you can quickly reply to a message by using the chat bubble next to the home screen. The upcoming Android has a special feature called ‘Conversations in Notification Shade’.

Not only is there a quick response to a message from the chat bubble, but users can easily view the entire conversation history from messages or chats from the notification panel without having to enter a specific app. Google is said to be launching the ‘Chat Bubble’ and ‘Conversations in Notification Shade’ features to give users the maximum benefit of conversation.

Exchanging images from the notification panel Future.

Easy messaging on Android 11, as well as users, can exchange pictures directly with anyone from the notification panel if they want. ‘Notification image sharing’ is expected to be phased out from copy-paste supported apps. But for now, this feature has been introduced in the case of Google Chrome and G-Board in the new developer preview.

Android 11

Application permission Future.

Google places the highest importance on security and privacy in every version of Android. The coming version is no exception. Android 10 is a major change in-app permissions, keeping in mind the maximum security of the user’s personal information. This security is being improved one step further in the version of Android 11.

In the case of Android 10, the location of the user is shared when using a specific app. But in the coming version, location sharing will be available only in case of using any app at a single time. That is, the location sharing settings are kept only once the user uses an app once. For the next time, the app will not be allowed location sharing for a second time without the user’s consent.

Screen recording Future.

So far in the Android operating system, the user had to use a third-party recording app if he wanted to record the screen on his smartphone. In this case, although there are a few specific applications from some popular vendors, there was no such app on Google’s stock Android.

However, the good news for stock Android users is that in the upcoming version of Android, users will be able to record the screen of their smartphone with the pre-loaded app if they want (although Google has not yet made a final decision about this).

Share menu pin Future.

Android has had sharing options for a long time, but never like iOS, but not self-contained. Over time, this issue has been somewhat resolved in the recent 10th edition. But hopefully, in the coming Android version, Google is making arrangements to pin several apps together. This feature was offered in Android 10 Developer Preview but was not found in the final version. Now Google is saying that in the coming version, there will be a system to pin four apps at the same time in the sharing menu.

Android 11
Image By Google

Motion Sense Gesture Future.

There are reports that the new Android version has some special motion sense gestures. For example, Motion Sense music play-pause is currently available in the Pixel smartphone lineup at Developer Preview. This feature can be very useful for those who like to listen to music. Playing music or pausing with hand gestures is a must when listening to music on a smartphone, of course, a modern Android feature. In addition, this preview build has the facility to launch several working apps and features including Google Assistant, Camera, Alarm Snooze by double-tapping on the back of the Google Pixel smartphone.

Routine Dark Mode Future.

Dark mode has been widely used in smartphones since Android 10. While several smartphone vendors have the ability to turn on Routine Dark Mode in their own ROMs, in the case of stock Android, Routine Dark Mode did not. However, in the upcoming Android version, users will be able to enjoy this feature if they want.

For Android lovers, it was until today, everyone ate well and healthy. Thanks


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