Galaxy A71s 5G UW is headed to Verizon

Galaxy A71s 5G UW is headed to Verizon

Recently we know about Galaxy A71s 5G UW goes ahead to Verizon. Verizon is preparing to feature another mid-range Samsung mobile to its 5G roster. It has completed with helping hand for its ultrafast mmWave network in fact. This will be a reinterpreted Galaxy A71, except, unlike the already announced A71 5G, Big Red’s model will be powered by a different chipset and have a different name.

There is some exciting information about the naming of the phone. The phone was originally named “UW” after UltraWideband. The phone looks a lot smoother and its design is much sturdy.

Samsung Galaxy A71s 5G UW is headed toVerizon

The Galaxy A71s 5G UW may very well look like an A71 5G or A71, but inside we’ll get the Snapdragon 765 chipset, and not an Exynos. At least that’s what’s been rumored. If this pans out, it would be the first Snapdragon 765 handset to support mmWave 5G.


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