All Galaxy A series devices will have OIS next year, rumor says

We saw current year Samsung started offering optical image stabilization (OIS) on the main cameras of a few of its mid-range Galaxy A series devices, such as the A52 and A72. But Next year, things may be different.

But the first question, how many people even know what OIS is or why it’s important, and how many would choose a phone over another based on this specific feature. We’ll have to wait until next year to find out, it seems. According to a new unconfirmed report from Korea, A camera with OIS is around 15% more expensive than one without it, and the impact of adding OIS into a phone’s bill of materials is about 3%.

Samsung Galaxy A series

Now it’s an important thing about the Galaxy A series because If Samsung pulls this off, it will have an important differentiating feature for its mid-rangers in its war with Xiaomi. The Chinese company’s devices usually win on price compared to Samsung’s offerings, but with OIS the Korean company’s handsets may have the upper hand in-camera image quality, especially at night. So it is clear OIS would be playing an important role in the Galaxy A series models.

The report also says the company is likely to add OIS to the main cameras of all of the Samsung Galaxy A series models it’s going to launch in 2022.

Source (in Korean)

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