Difference Between MediaTek and Snapdragon

Without any doubt, the processors is One of the most complex smartphone themes. To begin with, it’s completely wrong to call them “processors” because they are much more than that. That’s why commonly used name by manufacturers is SoC (system on a chip) as it explains their purpose more clearly.

About of MediaTek?

MediaTek is producer of the affordable yet powerful Helio chipsets. The processors can be found primarily in Sony smartphones and somewhat weaker devices by Chinese manufacturers.

Mediatec Chipset
Mediatec Chipset

Characteristics of  MediaTek:

  • Not so economical chipset – Big battery consumer.
  • A small, graphic chip that is not produced by Media Tek is integrated within this chipset.
  • Greater heating rate due to a number of processor cores.
  • Process power is supreme.

About of Snapdragon?

Qualcomm processors are best known for their Snapdragon series. They are currently the best in the market thanks to the Snapdragon 820. This premium model can be found in some of the best smartphones of today.

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Snapdragon Chipset
Snapdragon Chipset

Characteristics of Snapdragon:

  • The most secure chipset – very little use of battery.
  • Adreno, a graphics plug produced by Qualcomm, is always part of this chipset.
  • Less heat compared to Intel or Media Tek.
  • Benchmark tests often show that the performance of the Snap-dragon chipset is better than the rest.

Difference Between MediaTek and Snapdragon

1. Origin of Media-Tek and Snapdragon

The international semiconductor company Media Tek was founded in 1997 with headquarters in Hsinchu‎, Taiwan. Qualcomm is also an international semiconductor and IT equipment producing company, with headquarters in San Diego, California, U.S. It was founded in 1985. Snapdragon are processors produced by Qualcomm.

2. Processor cores both

The MediaTek and Snapdragon both are multicore processors (1-2-4-6-8-10). MediaTek started trial production of a 12 core chipset.

3. Battery life

MediaTek chipsets are known to be high power consuming which results in shortened battery life. They are improving their processors to be more energy efficient but are still behind Snapdragon.

4. CPU and GPU

There is almost no difference in terms of CPU, but it’s clear that the graphics part is better done by the Adreno GPU installed in all Snapdragon SoCs. The difference in GPU performance is significantly less noticeable in the mid-range and low-end segment. Qualcomm produces its graphics chips that are best engineered to work with the processor and other components.

5. Heating and Performance

Snapdragon processors are generally less prone to heating compared to MediaTek.

Performance wise MediaTek’s processors are solid performing. Their extra core processors enable intensive and heavy task performing and they are very good at multi-tasking. Snapdragon has even better performance in multi-tasking, handling heavy and intensive tasks and gaming.

7. Cost of two processors

MediaTek SOCs are often cheaper than similar Qualcomm solutions.

Summary of MediaTek vs. Snapdragon

The Difference Between both of are mostly reflected in battery consumption, i.e. efficiency, as well as endurance. According to our estimates, Snapdragon is a more powerful and reliable chipset than MediaTek, but MediaTek is therefore a much more cost-efficient variant.

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