The Chinese mobile market reopened in April.

The Chinese mobile market has started selling again.

The China is reopening its mobile market, which has been stalled for the corona virus, since April. Chinese markets have suffered greatly since the outbreak of the coronavirus. They have spent a lot of money dealing with the coronavirus.

chinese mobile market

Needless to say, the global mobile market has stagnated only due to the closure of the Chinese mobile market in Mae, as they rely on the Chinese mobile markets for most mobile phones worldwide.

Now, since last April, the Chinese government has re-launched the Chinese Phone market with a smile on everyone’s face.

The coronavirus caused a major collapse in shipments to the Chinese phone market. If we follow any strategy from January to April compared to 2019, shipments were reduced by 20% / 30%. The only reason for this is the coronavirus.

Chinese mobile market

However, we all know how hard the Chinese can work and we think they will be able to recover their losses in a very short time.


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